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Same Taste, New Name: Incredibles Medibles Now Perrywinkles

My first encounter with Perry Anzilotti came about nearly two years ago at the Monkey House Cafe in Huntington Beach. We were meeting to discuss reviewing the Incredibles Medibles product line for our website. Without knowing what he looked like, I got to the coffeehouse a minute before him and got in line. After ordering […]

OC Weekly Weed Review: Tingle Balls

With the holiday season quickly upon us, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters: the food.  The turkeys and hams.  The cheeseballs and green bean casseroles.  And the desserts.  Oh, the desserts.  Fruitcakes and gingerbread and all manner of cookies.  Well, it’s time to add one more gastronomic tradition to the list: […]

Drug War Game Changer: Is California Going to Legalize Marijuana?

On June 14, more than 200 people gathered at the Sebastopol Grange for a fundraiser and organizing meeting of  local pot growers, the Sonoma County Growers Association. They were being mentored by their northern neighbors from Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties, the Emerald Growers Association, which already has lobbyists in Sacramento and is in the middle […]

Morgan Freeman Destroys The Argument Against Marijuana Legalization

Since a 2008 car accident that shattered bones in his left arm, shoulder, and elbow, marijuana has served as an effective pain reliever for award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. Freeman, an unabashed supporter of marijuana legalization, recently told the Daily Beast that there were too many medical benefits for lawmakers to ignore the issue, and public […]

Willie Nelson Is Launching His Own Brand of Weed

There will be branded bongs and stores, too, as Willie gets out ahead of big industry in states where pot is legal. Willie Nelson takes a hit of the cigarette-sized vaporizer in his gnarled hand, exhaling a small cloud, before placing it on the foldout table in front of us. We’re seated in the cool […]

5 Charts Explain Colorado’s First Year of Legal Weed

LEGALIZE IT. AND they will analyze it. “They” being the Colorado Department of Revenue, and “it” being marijuana, of course. Beginning in 2014, recreational sales of marijuana were finally legal in the (Mile) High State. Overall, legalization has worked out pretty well. Crime is down, tax revenues are up, and everyone is happy (well, except for neighboring […]