Dosage Information

All of our edibles contain 160MG of THC.

How much THC is right for me?

Although smoking or vaporizing is by far the most popular method of consuming cannabis,  many patients prefer cannabis-infused edibles for various reasons. Perrywinkles Edibles typically have a slower onset than smoking or vaporizing, usually taking between 45 minutes and two hours to be effective. Effects generally last about 4-5 hours, with the most intense sensations occurring at about the 2 hour mark.  Larger doses can produce effects that last for several days.

There are many factors which can contribute to how well  and how quickly medibles work.  A patient’s weight, metabolism, state of health, and diet can all have an impact on the effect of medicated consumables along with many more esoteric factors.  Unfortunately even when all factors are relatively equal, patients can experience a wide range of reactions.  Therefore, it is advisable to start with the lowest suggested dose of THC and work your way up from there.  Careful experimentation is the key to figuring out the proper dose for each individual.  Note-taking or journaling during the experimental phase can help the process along.

Why is potency testing important?

While it is helpful for patients to know about themselves and their tolerance, it can still be difficult to know how much of a medible to consume.  There is no easy way to determine the THC content of an edible without professional potency testing.  Many cannabis users have experienced situations in which they expected a certain effect from a homemade item and have been quite unhappy to have consumed something either much stronger or much weaker than they wanted.  A solution to this problem is to either buy products which have been tested or to buy ingredients for making one’s own medibles which have been tested.

Perrywinkles Edibles has been PCF-certified, meaning that all of our products are tested for safety (microbial contamination screen) and potency, to ensure that patients receive the best medicine possible.  The effect of regular potency testing of medibles is that our patients have been able to more accurately determine their proper dose of THC.  We’ve been able to put together a chart based on our patients’ experience in order to help people get the proper dose.

Here’s a quick guide to the proper dosing for the average-sized adult with average metabolism.  Please note that these guidelines are merely suggestions and that patients often need to experiment in order to find the right dosage for themselves.

ToleranceUser ExperienceSuggested Dosage
Very Low ToleranceBeginner0-5 mg THC
Low ToleranceSome Experience6-10 mg THC
Medium ToleranceExperienced11-25 mg THC
High ToleranceMore Experienced26-80 mg THC
Very High ToleranceExpert80+ mg THC

What if I consume too much cannabis, either by smoking or eating?

Cannabis is not known to have directly caused a single death. Overdose is considered to be impossible. Ingesting large amounts of cannabis is not fatal or injurious to any organs. That being said, smoking or consuming too much is possible and can be unpleasant. Effects may include panic attacks, increased heart rate, dry mouth, red eyes, disorientation/confusion, changes in blood pressure, drowsiness, paranoia, dizziness, sweating, shivering, nausea and vomiting.

The best antidote is to go to bed; all should be back to normal in the morning. Often drinking a fair amount of water will help. Sometimes a light snack is beneficial.  If the patient has access to CBD-rich (cannabidiol) medicines, CBDs can reduce the effects of THC.  Drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages is not recommended and will not necessarily help effects pass any more quickly. The key is to stay calm and be patient. The unpleasant sensations will pass eventually. In cases of extreme over-consumption it is not unusual to experience effects that last for several days.