Creating a culture of excellence in cannabis edibles that are safe, effective and taste great.

– Perry Anzilotti, Author

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Perry Anzilotti

“I wrote this cookbook to help make Medical Marijuana patients’ lives easier.” – Perry


I wrote this cookbook because two of my passions in life are cannabis and great food. I thought what a great way to combine my Italian background as a cook and my knowledge of cooking with weed. These two great passions have enhanced my quality of life tremendously. I am grateful to be able to share with you the incredibles medibles cookbook. As marijuana edibles grow more and more popular, I believe it is time to reach out as a compassionate caregiver baker and share my experience with fellow medical marijuana patients. I have found a safe, tasty and effective way to infuse cannabis into foods we eat every day. My goal in writing this book is to share with you the knowledge and courage to get creative with incorporating THC into your own diet.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy smoking pot, but medibles offer an alternative way to medicate by ingesting cannabis instead of the traditional way of smoking it. The two are very different from each other and the body high from edibles can last for hours. It’s my job in this cookbook to dispel the myth and fear behind cooking with cannabis and give you a spring-board to launch from, so you can add THC into the foods you love and already eat.

If I produced this cookbook without including a pot-brownie recipe, then it wouldn’t be a marijuana cookbook, right? This book’s focus, however, is geared toward salty/savory foods and steers away from the high-sugar recipes that you find mostly in other cannabis cookbooks. I have created recipes for a new generation of cannabis patients and cooks, from appetizers to entrees. Inside there are many quick fix recipes which are super easy to follow, considering they cut to the chase by starting out with pre-packaged food.

Finally, I love bringing relief and comfort to medical marijuana patients and take my work seriously. I will end this introduction with a very important note: It is my responsibility to advise you as mmj patients – to use caution with edibles. It will be discussed in greater detail later on.

Just remember to use your head.

Thanks for your interest in this cookbook. Now let’s get cookin’.


Thoughts from a doctor…

I have personally known and worked with Perry for seven years. In that time I have learned that he is not your regular “Canna-Baker.” It is not just the ingredients that go into making “Perrywinkles Edibles” noteworthy; Perry puts in an extra ounce of love and compassion, which he has throughout his kitchen. He never accepts “good” as “good enough” and always strives to make the most consistent medication he can.

– Allan Frankel, M.D.

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Rick M.

“It’s ‘HIGH TIMES’ someone came up with a way for me to medicate with food other than sugar, sugar and more sugar. I have learned ways by reading this book how to get my medicine at breakfast, lunch and dinner in food I currently eat.”

Rick M.
Jordan K

“The cookbook is easy to follow without too much information to weigh me down. The pics are cool, so it sits propped up in my kitchen and I always have a downloaded e-copy ready to go on my iPad, too. Smart.”

Jordan K
Evelyn S

“Since the legalization of medical marijuana, my sleep and night sweat issues are no more. As a non-smoker, I was thrilled when introduced to the “Perrywinkles Edibles” brand edibles and cookbook at my collective. No more harsh coughing or dry, sore throat. Terrific taste, great selection.”

Evelyn S
Jack G.

“A friend told me that I should try cannabis edibles to help with my back pain and inability to sleep at night. My collective encouraged me to try the “Perrywinkles Edibles” brand and I was amazed that my normal night’s sleep was restored. I medicate with them regularly and wake up feeling rested again: for the first time in ages. Win, win. My life is back and I feel better than ever!”

Jack G.
Chris B.

“I love the “Perrywinkles Edibles” because you simply eat what you need. No smell, no cough, you relax, go to sleep and wake up without any side effects! Unlike prescription meds!”

Chris B.


Perrywinkles is proud to share with you The Realm of Caring Foundation (The RoC).

A portion of the incredibles medibles cookbook proceeds will be donated to this Foundation.  The Realm of Caring is a non-profit organization that has been formed to provide a better quality of life for residents of Colorado and California affected by Cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, among many other debilitating conditions through the use of concentrated medicinal cannabis oil (Realm oil) provided by Indispensary/Stanley family.

Please visit The Realm of Caring to find out more about how you can donate directly to this Foundation.

The Stanley Brothers began breeding for high CBD cannabis strains in 2009, shortly after their entrance into the medical marijuana industry. Their purposes for doing so were to find more benefits from the plant’s compounds, specifically for patients who didn’t benefit from psycho-activity; as well as for the potential anti-tumor properties suggested by many preclinical studies. After meeting the Figi family in early 2012, and discovering 5 year old Charlotte Figi’s dramatic success in her battle with epilepsy, the Stanley’s CBD project became known as the Charlotte’s Web™ breeding project. To date, there are several phenotypic strains that have emerged from the CW project which have low enough THC to be considered Hemp. Currently, only certain phenotypes are commonly used for the CBD infused into Charlotte’s Web Hemp Products™, due to the high success rate of these specific cannabinoid profiles in intractable epilepsy.

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