Same Taste, New Name: Incredibles Medibles Now Perrywinkles

oc_weed_reviewMy first encounter with Perry Anzilotti came about nearly two years ago at the Monkey House Cafe in Huntington Beach. We were meeting to discuss reviewing the Incredibles Medibles product line for our website.

Without knowing what he looked like, I got to the coffeehouse a minute before him and got in line. After ordering my blueberry muffin and latte, I stepped aside to wait. It was then that Perry ordered his own blueberry muffin. When the barista informed him I had gotten the last one, I sheepishly wandered away to grab a table under the faux tree that anchors the middle of the room. It was then that my phone rang. On the other end was, you guessed it, Perry. We made eye contact across the room, him with disappointing oat bran muffin in hand and ironic smile on his face when we realized who each other was.  READ MORE >>